When we talk to Dive Pros from the independent instructor, local dive shop, dive charters and Ecommerce power houses it is all about keeping divers coming back.  Let’s face it every time a diver is shopping for gear we have to earn their business again and again.  Between online retailers and local competitors there are a lot of places for divers to shop.

There are a lot of was to offer a rewards program for your customers to let them earn their rewards.  The Key is coming up with a solution that will help you meet your goals.  If you want to increase gear sales usually that means more foot traffic.  So how do you get people to walk into your shop?  Some things that I have seen that work have been things like…

Unlimited fills – it is an annual flat fee for unlimited fills.  This is easy because air is free (besides equip maintenance of course) but it will get divers to commit to coming to you.  This works great in area with local diving.  While divers are waiting for fills they have time to shop or build a relationship with the dive shop employees.

Loyalty cards – This can be as simple as a punch card for purchases over $50 with 10 punches you get a freebie or $50 off coupon.  Make you premium something someone wants.  There are also loyalty programs out there people can get a key tag and it will track their actual spend and you can change incentives regularly.  Some of them even have opportunities to cross promote with local businesses.

If you are looking to increase the number of courses you teach next year then there is two things you want to consider.  First is returning students, do you have a way to track student certifications and know how many open water divers take advanced open water and rescue diver with you within 12 months of their OW certification?  Tracking and keeping in touch is key.  You need to make sure you have a tool that you can automate simple notifications to divers of upcoming courses and even better only tell them about the next course that they qualify.  ScubaProReviews.com has a great tool that will allow you track cert dates and automate notifications and create a newsletter if you wish.  Then you need to find new students.  Every Dive pro should have a referral program keep it simple.  Every student that brings in a friend will get a discount off their next class.  This is a double win/win.  You motivated a customer to give you a referral and got your existing customer to sign up for their next class.  Don’t be afraid to give away a course if a student of yours refers you 4-5 buddies why not let their next class to be free?

There are many ways to keep divers loyal to you.  If you would like to discuss plans feel free to reach out we will offer you a free 1 hr. consultation at no cost.