Don’t compete on price

In today’s world of websites and social media so many put up too much information on their website.  The goal is to give the potential customer enough information to take the next step.   The question is what is the next step?  Maybe it is to pick up the phone or buy online but you want to be able to have the opportunity to tell them why you.  If you’re in an area that has multiple dive shops and someone that want to learn to dive is looking online what are they going to see?  They are likely to see 4-5 websites all with the same courses, prerequisites and likely will be about the same price. So who is the prospective student going to pick?  If there is a price difference they will likely start with the lowest price shop.  This will drive prices into the ground and you may be busy but your likely not profitable.

But what if your site did not have your prices on it and instead of it tells about the experience you are going to have and how you go above the minimum standards. A person is on a single web page for about 1.5 sec.  so you cannot make them read it.  It needs to be in their face in an image, video etc. that when they are looking there is no way for them to miss it. Maybe your package includes rentals and fills?   Think about it do you want to attract the student that will pick the shop that is $10 less?  No because they will shop their next class to, they are not loyal.  But if you focus your efforts on divers that are willing to pay a little more for real value and you deliver they are yours for life.

I have interviewed a couple of independent instructors that their open water class is about $1,000 per diver.  But they provide value… First they will teach a class of one when and where the student wants.  Second they offer every open water student 4-6 additional dives either one-on-one or in small groups. During those additional dives they continue to get feedback during surface intervals on how to better their buoyancy and be safer divers but they also get a private guided tour of some of the best local dive sites.

So many shops because they try to offer the $100 Open Water Certification they say we will only do a class of 4 or more and we can only do the confined water on the weekends because they are trying to be more profitable.  However if you double your prices and get half as many students your revenue is the same and your more profitable.  Do you want to be busy, profitable or busy and really profitable?